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“Fruit flies can drastically change the aroma of a wine as well as its taste. To enjoy a wine to its fullest potential, it is very important to keep fruit flies out. Once a fly lands in your wine it should be thrown away. But like you, I prefer to enjoy every sip of my wine.I’ve seen many wine accessories over the years but this wine glass protector really does the trick. It keeps flies out of your wine, while still enabling it to breathe. The WineGuard® looks elegant, is well-made from quality materials and is heavy enough to remain on your glass during a light breeze.This is one of my favourite new wine accessories.”


Harry McWatters, Time Estate Winery

BYE BYE FLY WineGuards

“Simply place the WineGuard® or DrinkGuard® on top of your glass between sips to guard against any flying pest.”

Wine Guards and Drink Guards in Action!

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