We are in the business of guarding your wine and protecting your drinks!

As in most wine regions of the world, fruit flies often make their way into a glass of wine and spoil it. We’ve watched in amazement as wine drinkers attempt to keep these little pests out of their wine glass. People get very creative when attempting to protect their vino. We’ve seen groups use plates, napkins, business cards, menus, dirty coasters and even their cell phones (yuck). Not only are these options not clean, they do not allow the wine to breath. There are also so many stories about people being stung in the mouth by wasps or bees. This is truly a drink safety issue especially for those allergic to bees.

Dean and Marcia co-invented WineGuards and DrinkGuards while they owned a small vineyard called The Blossom Bench Vineyard in Summerland B.C. Canada.  Their goal was to create effective, yet clean wine glass covers and drink lids that are attractive and easy to use. Voila!  Here they are a few years later with products that will keep flies out of your wine and bees out of your beverages…. BYE BYE FLY! Marcia founded The Blossom Bench Group in 2013 and now operates the business in Calgary, AB with her WineGuard Team and some consulting help from Dean.

We hope WineGuards and DrinkGuards help you enjoy your wine and other beverages for years to come.  We’ve got you covered!