Cardella Winery

Cardella Winery has joined the WineGuard Route. They now carry branded WineGuard Singles. Stop in to collect their WineGuards today!

Cardella Winery is located in California on the westside of the San Joaquin Valley.  Its in the heart of the Panoche Circle, which is well known for the quality and diversity of its crops – having over thirty different types of fruits, nuts, and vegetables all within a five-mile radius. Cardella Winery not only produce numerous award-winning wines, they grow wine grapes, tomatoes, onions and almonds.  They are proud to contribute to the notoriety of the the Panoche Circle and take great pride in producing food and wine for the world to enjoy.

Cardella Winery
41424 W. Panoche Rd.
Mendota, CA 93640

About The WineGuard Route

Branded WineGuards are useful souvenirs to purchase from your favourite wineries. The top rim of each WineGuard is laser etched with a winery brand resulting in a useful keepsake for any wine lover. Each winery will become a drink marker. Collect 4 WineGuards and purchase a stand to make a set for your guests to use. Please check back regularly to see which wineries have joined the WineGuard Route.