Don’t Lose Your Glass Again – Use Colourful WineGuard Drink Markers

Stop wasting your precious wine-time wondering which glass is yours! There are more ways to use your Casual WineGuards.

WineGuards can be used for more than just protecting your glass of wine. They can be placed on decanters to keep flies out of the wine before it’s poured. Casual WineGuard rims are used as drink markers and can secure WineGuards on larger rimmed glasses too.

Casual WineGuards come in 2 sets of colours – Patio Rims are bright red, green, purple and yellow while Bistro Rims are black, brown, pale yellow and baby blue.

For hygenic reasons, WineGuards are not meant to sit flat on a table unless they are being used as coasters. The WineGuard 4-Stand was designed to keep them clean between uses. Did you know the Casual WineGuard® stand slots are wider than the Elegant stands? The slots are wider to accommodate the silicone rims. If you try to put a Casual into an Elegant Stand they are difficult to pull out. If you take off the Casual Rims and place them into a Casual Stand, the WineGuards will have a higher lean angle.