Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses WineGuard and DrinkGuard purchasing, pricing, shipping, handling, and The Blossom Bench Group’s Return Policy. If you have more questions please email us directly through the form on our Contact Page.


What stores can I find your products in?
As Retailers come on board we will display them on our Retailers Map. If you know a retail location that would like to carry our products please send us a note through our Contact page.

Where can I buy WineGuards online?
We retail our products on this website under the SHOP tab. Our products are also available on and


Do you offer discounts off website purchases?
From time to time we have promotions.  Watch for our social media campaigns and contests.

Do you have discounts for large volume orders?
Yes, please contact us through our Contact Page if you intend to purchase larger volumes of product and we’ll issue you a discount code in accordance with your purchase amount or send you a quote.


Where do you ship to?
The Blossom Bench Group will ship worldwide. The cost of shipping will be calculated based upon your address identification i.e. Postal Code, Zip Code during the check-out process. The shipping costs and shipping times will vary throughout the world.

Where is your product shipped from?
Online orders are typically shipped by Canada Post from Calgary, AB Canada.

How quickly will my products be shipped.
You should receive an email confirmation shortly after your online order, please keep a copy of the email. We attempt to ship all orders within 2 business days.

How long will shipping take?
Shipping time is based on your shipping address and your chosen shipping method during check-out. It may take 5-7 business days if standard ground shipping is selected.

Will I receive a tracking number once my products are shipped?
Our site is not able to send automated tracking numbers at this point but we’d be happy to email you the tracking number if you request it.

Can I arrange for Rush Shipping?
If you have a rush order and do not see an appropriate shipping selection while checking-out, please send us a note through our Contact Page once you’ve purchased. Place RUSH ORDER at the beginning of your comments along with your Order number. We will contact you and attempt to expedite your package through a different method then arrange for additional payment.

How early should I order my Christmas Gifts?
Shipping times may lengthen in November and December each year so please ensure your Christmas orders are placed early. We recommend December 10th as a safe deadline for guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery in Canada and the Continental US and Alaska.

Will there be any additional shipping charges?
The Blossom Bench Group is not responsible for the collection or payment of any destination charges, including dues, brokerage fees and taxes. All those charges are the responsibility of the customer and/or retailer. If you are charged an extra fee by the delivery company please let us know so we can investigate.

PLEASE NOTE: Policies and/or shipping rates are subject to change without notice. Rates and/or policies may be updated periodically. You will be contacted regarding any changes to the policies described above if changes occur after your order is placed, but before it is shipped. In such an event, you will be given the option to proceed under the updated policy or to cancel your order and receive full refund for your purchase.


How do I clean the WineGuard products?
Both WineGuards are dishwasher safe but will clean-up well in hot soapy water. We recommend using a stainless steel cleaner to bring back the shine.

How do I clean the DrinkGuard products?
DrinkGuards are dishwasher safe however, like most things, they will last longer if only cleaned in hot soapy water. If water spots appear on your DrinkGuards, dishwasher rinse aid removes them and brings back the original shine.


Can I buy replacement parts?
Of course! Contact us through our Contact Page and we’ll help in anyway.

What is your product guarantee?
We take pride in the quality of our products and want you to be satisfied with anything you purchase at  If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please send us a note through our Contact Us page and we’ll arrange to have the products shipped back to us. We will be happy to make an exchange or issue you a refund for the original price paid once the item is returned. All returns must be scheduled within 2 months of the purchase date.

Do all of your products come with a warranty?
Yes, we will replace products that have a manufacturers defect within 6 months of purchase date. Let us know as soon as possible.

What if my product arrives damaged?
If this happens to you, please send us a note on our Contact page and we’ll arrange to have the products shipped back to us and replacements send out.

Do you send postage paid labels for return of defective products?
No we don’t. We pay for the postage for a replacement item being sent back.

I don’t have my receipt, can I still return a defective product?
Certainly, contact us then send your product back to the address listed in the Contact page of our website. Include a brief note stating why you are returning the product and where and when it was purchased.

How do I report an issue?
If you have experienced a problem please let us know. We welcome all comments and concerns and will attempt to assist in any way.


Why would I become a WineGuard Retailer?

  • The product we offer is well made, unique and very useful.
  • We offer a generous profit margin.
  • Ordering is made easy directly through us.

How do I become a Retailer?
Please complete the form on the Retailers page and provide as much detail as possible. We will review your request and

What is your GST Number?
The GST Number for The Blossom Bench Group is 8087 15403 RT0001.


How do I find your Facebook Page?
Our Facebook Page is

How do I find your Twitter Page?
Our Twitter account is

How do I find your Instagram Page?
Our Instagram page is


How do I submit a Testimonial?
We would love to hear about your experience with our products. Whether your comments are about how well the products work or the delivery process, we’s like to hear from you. Please visit our Contact Page and send us a note.

How do I submit an Experts Say
We appreciate any expert opinions and love to share them. If you would like to submit one please visit our Contact page and complete the form.

How do I submit a WineGuard Patio for your blog?
This is a fun section we would like to build upon. Share your favourite Patios with us. Send the name, location and photos if you can. Best case scenario is a WineGuard being used on a WineGuard Patio. Please visit our Contact page and complete the Form. Thanks!

How do I submit a Wine we are guarding?
Share your favourite Wine with us. Send the name of the Winery, it’s location, the type of wine, the year, and photos if you can. Best case scenario is a WineGuard being used beside the bottle of wine you are guarding. Please visit our Contact page and complete the form.

How do I make a product improvement suggestion?
If you have and idea for future products even better! We welcome all suggestions. Please visit the Contact Page and complete the form. Thank you.