Gaspereau Vineyards

Gaspereau Vineyards is now a WineGuard Retailer. They have also joined the WineGuard Route and carry branded WineGuard Singles. Stop in to collect their branded WineGuards today!

Gaspereau Vineyards is a boutique winery situated on a picturesque, 50 acre vineyard close to Wolfville in Nova Scotia, Canada. The site was formerly a dairy farm and apple orchard. In 1997 they were first winery to establish in the Gaspereau Valley and their tasting room is now located in a beautiful red barn. Gaspereau Vineyards are best known for outstanding Rieslings, Gaspereau Vineyards specializes in fruit forward, terroir driven elegant white and robust red wines. During the summer months, the valley is often ten degrees celsius warmer than the Atlantic coast of the province.

Gaspereau Vineyards
2239 White Rock Road
Gaspereau, NS B4P 2R1

About The WineGuard Route

Branded WineGuards are useful souvenirs to purchase from your favourite wineries. The top rim of each WineGuard is laser etched with a winery brand resulting in a useful keepsake for any wine lover. Each winery will become a drink marker. Collect 4 WineGuards and purchase a stand to make a set for your guests to use. Check back regularly to see which wineries have joined the WineGuard Route.