Keep your WineGuards Looking Shiny and New

WineGuards are designed to last for decades!  To help them stay looking as good as the day you opened the box, follow these easy cleaning tips:

CLEANING – WineGuards sit on the rim of your glass, so it’s important to clean them regularly. WineGuards were designed to provide a clean way to protect your wine. Coasters, cell phones and even napkins are not clean options.

Both WineGuards and the 4-Stands are dishwasher safe. You can use a soft nylon brush to remove any accumulated dirt. You can also wash with mild soap or detergent, then rinse in clean water and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Use a little rinse aid to help shine them up too.

STAINLESS STEEL CLEANER – The key to keeping stainless steel stainless is proper care and maintenance. With just a little effort, your WineGuards will stay shiny. Some stainless steel cleaners and polishes can help minimize scratching, remove stains and polish as well. When using stainless steel cleaners, make sure you read the directions, rinse well, then towel dry thoroughly.