Kelly’s Gingernut Pub



Owners Colleen (Gingernut) Kelley & Gene Kelly are proud to welcome Wine Guards to Kelly’s Gingernut Pub




The Kelly’s Gingernut Pub emulates a classic Irish pub where you can enjoy a few beers, throw some darts and enjoy the blather and live music among friends. The pub is built inside an old bank from 1907. The flooring and brick walls have been preserved to maintain the historic spirit of the premises.




Irish embellishments have been added for character and a homey feel. The vault to the bank has been maintained along with the heavy steel door in which patrons are welcome to dine. Kelly’s has an extensive selection of beer, both domestic and imported.




For wine lovers they have added an extensive wine list. Enjoy your favourite beer, wine or cocktail topped with a Wine Guard or drink guard on their patio, or walk up stairs to enjoy the cozy loft area for a great view of the venue.