Branded ELEGANT WineGuard Singles (10 Pack)





- the minimum purchase for branding is 10 WineGuards due to the cost of operating the laser marking machine
- 10 WineGuards @ $14.95ea = $149.50
- Branded on the top arch of the front of each WineGuard
- WineGuards are professionally laser marked on the top arch of one side
- Upon ordering please email us your logo or design concept. We will develop 3 branding options for you to review.
- If you can't provide print ready artwork or if your logo requires a bit of work, our graphic designer can assist you at an additional rate of $50/hour).
- Once approved your product will be branded and shipped in about 2 weeks.

- Stands are sold separately
- Each 4-Stand holds a set of 4 WineGuards
- Each Tower Stand holds up to 60 WineGuards


The Elegant WineGuard is a professional wine glass cover. It is a strong circular mesh screen enforced by a food-grade stainless steel rim. It not only protects your wine from fruit flies but allows your wine to breathe.

The WineGuard is designed to fit most wine glasses large or small and its weight ensures it won't blow off your glass. You can now sip your vino knowing it’s yours, plus a fruit fly, gnat, insect or unwanted air particle won't fall into your glass!


  • Elegant WineGuard Singles in Sleeves
  • WineGuards are high quality flat round wine glass covers with a mesh screen enforced by a stainless steel rim 
  • The screen mesh is tight enough to protect your wine from fruit flies, insects, wasps and unwanted air particles but still enables air flow to allow your wine to open up
  • These wine glass covers also have some weight, so they won't blow off your glass
  • WineGuards are made of food-grade stainless steel and are dishwasher safe


  • 10.16 cm (4 inches) in diameter
  • Each WineGuard Single in Sleeve weighs .07 kg (.15 lb)


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