Protecting Outdoor Drinks

The DrinkGuard is a useful product that protects all beverages from bees, flies, and flying debris like pine needles when enjoyed outdoors. The DrinkGuard is a circular, flat, lid made of a light but robust silicone. It sits on the top of most glasses or mugs covering the entire surface. It not only ensures those pesky bugs stay out, it camouflages your drink so the wasps and flies can’t even smell it creating a more enjoyable drinking experience.

The DrinkGuard also insulates your drink keeping it a consistent temperature for longer too! It’s made of a strong non-slip silicone that is flexible and easy to clean. It is not only useful, but it is also fun and interactive. The DrinkGuard Set comes in 8 bright colors. It can be sold individually or in Sets of 8.

DrinkGuards are the best new camping tool around!