Wedding Favours that are Unique, Memorable, Meaningful and Most Importantly – Useful!


Wedding Favours

Every Bride and Groom wants their wedding day to be memorable. Giving your guests unique wedding gifts or favours will make them think of you every time they use them. It’s a lovely way to thank your guests for joining in your celebrations. Many newlyweds choose to thank their guests with decorative gifts. Why not let your personalities shine and give them something a little different that they’ll not only keep for years to come but they will use to protect their wine.

Elegant WineGuards

Elegant WineGuards are unique, memorable, meaningful and useful. Your guests will keep them for years to come to protect their wine. Purchase one for each of your guests and/or a Set of 4 with a Stand for each member of your bridal party.

Personalized WineGuards

Make this gift even more memorable by having them personalized with your names and date or special message. Your guests will love this personalized wedding favour and every time they use their WineGuard, they’ll smile when they think of your special day.

Customized WineGuards are professionally laser etched with any information you’d like on the top arch of each WineGuard. For an additional price we can also place initials or a logo in the center of the screen.

Branding for Events

WineGuards are elegant favours for Anniversaries and other special events. They are a classy addition to any table setting. Trust us…. your guests will remember who they received their first WineGuard from!