WineGuard Appreciations

The WineGuard product line was created through an evolution of ideas and product testing. Although the WineGuard brand name was an important part of the process, the visual design of the brand and it’s identity have helped present our products in ways we could not have imagined. We would like to extend a special thank you to Danielle Krysa at She and He in Summerland, BC for her talented designs of our Blossom Bench, WineGuard and DrinkGuard logos as well as our fabulous BYE BYE FLY slogan. Our brand identity is simple, fun and recognizable. Our new customers love it!

Product development is one thing, but packaging and marketing it is completely different ball game. We’ve been extremely fortunate to work with a remarkable marketing company in the Okanagan Valley, TLB Marketing Essentials. They’ve taken our new brand identity and helped design our packaging, display our graphics and continues to help us establish a market presence using Social Media.

We couldn’t have launched this product without the support and feedback of our family and many friends. Your enthusiasm about the WineGuard products has been contagious. Thank you…