WineGuards are the New Tasting Room Souvenir!

You can now collect branded WineGuard singles from some of your favourite wineries! The WineGuard Collection already has several winery members in Canada and the U.S and the list is growing.

WineGuards are a unique winery collectable and a useful keepsake.

Attention Wine Lovers!

– Collect branded WineGuards from your favourite Wineries.
– Each Winery you visit becomes your drink marker!
– Purchase singles or create a set with a stand.
– Use your favourite wineries as drink markers.
– It’s a keepsake you’ll have forever.
– They make great gifts too!
– Check back regularly to see which new wineries are on the WineGuard® Route!

Attention Wineries!

– Create memories with Branded WineGuards.
– Protect your Visitors’ investment.
– Remind them of your winery for years to come.
– It’s a keepsake they’ll have forever.
– No matter whose wine is in their glass, your name will always be on top!

If several wineries along your Wine Trail are also on the WineGuard Route, visitors can collect a WineGuard from each winery to create a set of 4 drink markers. You can sell your visitors a stand that holds 4 as well.

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