WineGuards are unique and elegant gifts that make beautiful and useful Wedding favours. These wine glass covers last a lifetime because the stainless steel is laser etched with a permanent mark. Every time your guests take a sip, they'll think of your Wedding and appreciate this unique and memorable gift.


WineGuards are most commonly branded on the “top arch” of the rim because it’s the lowest cost area to brand plus it’s the most visible location when in the stand as well as the sleeve packaging. You can also brand on the screen or bottom arch of the rim for additional per unit fees.


3-4 weeks depending on order quantity and design approval time.


Branding prices depend upon the size and location of your brand and the time the laser engraving machine takes to mark each WineGuard. For branding orders outside of the "Top Arch" of the WineGuard, please request a quote.

Minimum purchase for branding is 40 Singles.

Receive 10% Cart Discount for Orders over $300. Promotion is automatically applied in your Cart.

We'd love to help make your Wedding Day even more memorable for your guests.