wineguard retailer blue grouse estate winery

Blue Grouse Estate Winery

August 01, 2016


Blue Grouse Estate Winery and Vineyard is located in Duncan, BC Canada on a sunny slope of Vancouver Island’s Cowichan Valley. Their stunning and spacious tasting room is nestled in the hillside and features delectable snacks and funky local art. They encourage you to enjoy your snacks in their licensed outdoor picnic area along with some perfectly matched with Blue Grouse wines.

Blue Grouse Estate Winery and Vineyard
2182 Lakeside Rd.
Duncan, BC V9L 6M3

Blue Grouse Estate Winery and Vineyard is now a WineGuard Retailer. They have joined the WineGuard Route to carry branded WineGuard Singles. Stop in to collect their branded WineGuards today!


About The WineGuard Route

Branded WineGuards are useful souvenirs to purchase from your favourite wineries. The top rim of each WineGuard is laser etched with a winery brand resulting in a useful keepsake for any wine lover. Each winery will become a drink marker. Collect 4 WineGuards and purchase a stand to make a set for your guests to use. Check back regularly to see which wineries have joined the WineGuard Route.

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