Fruit Fly on a wineguard wine glass lid

Fruit Flies Can't Get In!

February 03, 2020

As in most wine regions of the world, fruit flies often make their way into a glass of wine. If a single fruit fly lands in your wine, it immediately changes the flavour profile of the wine, rendering it undrinkable. The fly emits a powerful odour known as Drosophila Stress Odour or DSO. DSO acts as a warning scent to other fruit flies that there is an imminent danger nearby and they should “bug” out (pun intended!) Not only does DSO ruin the taste of the wine but it also causes you to pour money down the drain and disappoint your guests at the same time.

The WineGuard patented seamless design offers the largest mesh opening of any wine glass cover. Our mesh was meticulously designed with the largest open screen area possible providing maximum air flow to allow your wine to breathe plus ensure fruit flies won’t get in!

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